Un riche métissage des styles !

History of the ARTIMS house

Pierre Makdis imprints his own vision of jewelry in his art. He offers you jewels that have this little something different and attractive because they carry within them all the richness of the world and of travel.

He lived surrounded by a family active in the watchmaking and jewelery industry. He therefore learned at a very early age of 15 the art of jewelry making, in the heart of the family workshop, he learned how to handle the tools of the jeweler. At first just during summer vacations, then, from the age of 19, he combined law studies and work in the family workshop.
in 2013, he left for Belgium where, in 2015, he reconnected with his passion and opened a jewelry workshop and then a store in Uccle.

The creation of a jewel responds to a double process. First the creative process followed by a manufacturing process. In the creative process, there is, among other things, the search for the stones best suited to the imagined shape. Those that will enhance them and create the perfect harmony between color and shape. Then there is the manufacturing process, where it all starts with a gold plate or wire.

This is how Artims creates original jewelry or expresses your desires for jewelry or alliance. Always, Artims will carry this different glance on the jewellery. His creations result from a subtle blend of genres from here and elsewhere. Thanks to this fine blending game, your jewel has an indefinable extra soul. All the richness of audacity, travel and sensitivity.